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Jeffrey Salleh

Director, DevOps and Emerging Tech

Hi ! I am Jeff

I'm a curious, driven and self-driven technologist who continues to have passion on software engineering for more than 20 years. I am passionate in using technology to help make people live a little better each day. I love working not only in emerging technology but as important help to develop individuals to their fullest potential.

Find out what I've accomplished over my tech career years


Work Experience

Apr 2018 - Present


Apr 2018 - Present

          Nov 2016 - Present

Voiddeck Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Director, DevOps and Emerging Tech

Oracle Asia R&D Center

With a team of 23 members, we are tasked to increase the Oracle market share by engaging with forward-looking clients who want to embrace emerging technology to improve their business and executing the transformation plan for the R&D center to adopt Agile and DevOps.

Focusing on the area of microservice architecture, blockchain, machine learning,  IoT and Serverless; we engaged customers like Standard Chartered Bank (SG), Johnson&Johnsons(SG), Asian Development Bank(PH) and LOLC(Sri Lanka), Masan (VN) to bring expand their business using these emerging technology.


Responsible for the developer relationship program for individuals and startups, we conducted and participated in meetups and conferences to help individuals and start-ups in Oracle Startup Accelerator Program to bring them to Oracle Cloud Platform and enhance their engineering process to scale out from startup status to enterprise grade.

Develop and execute Agile/DevOps transformation plan for Oracle Asia R&D with significant changes including establishment of Agile community with the appointment of an Agile Coach and Scrum Masters and creating physical Agile spaces within the organization.


Providing infrastructure, common services and CI/CD pipelines to support rapid development to lower the cost of starting projects, ensuring software engineering quality and security compliance across projects using the Microservices architecture, Blockchain, Machine Learning and IoT undertaken by Asia R&D Center. 

Establish partnerships and contributions to major DevOps Tools vendors like Hashicorp, Chef and Docker to collaborate together in engaging both external customers and educating internal teams on various tools and processes.

Ensuring the security compliance of the products by our research center; working as a Security Lead with five other Security Point of Contacts to ensure sufficient security training, tools and process are put in place and adhere to as we release products and codes.


Establishing this startup to help small and medium size non-profit organizations to use technology to increase their productivity by providing cloud-based opensource CRM (CiviCRM) to ensure a system is in place for their beneficiaries. 

Advising startups on their technology choices to use technology to better engage their beneficiaries through EDMs, mobile applications and Wifi infrastructure and using digital platform to promote their programs and advertise for assistance and volunteers.

Mentoring undergrads to improve their technology portfolio before they enter the workforce 

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