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Social Engagement Weekend

It has been a while since I am involved in any community events because of my increased workload and travels since the turn of the year. This weekend is like making up for lost time. On Saturday, I am part of the panel in an event called "Progressing with Tech Event"organized by Codette and PPIS to inspire more women to join the tech sector. On the panel, I am with MP Saktiandi, Codette Founder Nurul Jihadah, Liyana and Iman who are entrepreneurs running their own startup. It was a good discussion with a mix of optimism and concern on the disruption of tech and how women can be part of this "hot" sector. After the panel, I met a few other participants and discussed on various topics; ranging from career, picking up new skills and even questions on if there are safe bets on what tech skills they should learn. I wish Codette and PPIS all the best and continue to inspire more women to join the tech sector and as a man, I will try my best to help these women who are interested to pursue their career in tech.


The next day, I was at the annual MClub's Graduates' Tea, an event where we celebrate the achievements of your Muslim graduates in Singapore from various institutions. I was table hosting and with me were 8 young graduates who are starting their career in the tech sector. I learned so much from them, their concerns, aspirations and dreams. I spoke to them about their internships and shared mine as well. I shared with them about how and what I look for during interviews and what they should be prep for. A couple of them are still looking for jobs and are concerned about the current job market. I wish all of them a great success to their career.

These two events renewed my spirit and my desire to coach the younger generation and where possible get them to excel further in their career. I make dua (prayers) that these two events are two of other many channels that will inspire our young adults whether they are in tech or not in the future. Lastly, I wished they will carve out some time from their hectic schedule while building their career to give back to the community. The Muslim community in Singapore still need injection of new ideas and energy and I believe these young graduates have to potential to do both.

I close with this song I find so inspiring.

Ilham Pujangga – Ismail Haron

Ilham dari pujangga Berdiam diri bukan ertinya kau salah Biar cercaan sekali datang menimpa Sudahlah memang adat di dunia Bersuaralah kamu pada perkara berguna Itulah sifat orang bijaksana

( …ia anak muda tidak kerana tergelincir kakinya tetapi matinya anak muda itu kerana tergelincir lidahnya berdiam dirilah kamu kepada perkara yang bukan-bukan bersuaralah kamu kepada perkara yang memberi kebaikan…)

Berikanlah tenaga Untuk nusa dan negara Ini zaman kemajuan Jangan kita ketinggalan

Kasih sesama manusia Apa di atas sayangkan diri anda Pandang yang satu kepada yang ramai sayang Pandang yang ramai kepada yang satu

(…usahlah ditanya apakah bakti negara untuk kamu tetapi tanyalah apakah bakti kamu untuk negara berjasalah kamu untuk keharmonian negara…

IH: …kau katakan pada aku sekarang jua apakah pendapat kau atas kewajiban muda-mudi…

…pembela, harapan dan tiang negara, bangsa dan negara…

IH: …bagaimanakah cara yang patut aku tunjukkan kewajiban ini…

…kau mempunyai akal bukan, tepuklah dada tanya selera…)

Tunggukanlah hati mu Pertahankan ibu pertiwi Jauhkanlah diri mu Dari perkara yang berjudi(?)

Maaf mudi dan muda Ku susun jari sepuluh Aku bukanlah seorang pujangga Hanya seorang penyanyi biasa

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