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What is another paper ? You are in Oracle that long ?

Two questions seemingly not related but I will tell you why they do.

Firstly, I have successfully completed my LEAD certificate with Stanford University - Graduate School of Business (GSB). It is a year long program and I need to complete 8 modules to earn this certificate. These modules are taken from the full-time MBA program and are offered online for experienced students. So "What is another paper?". It is really not about the paper. In my team, each one of my team members is given an objective which I put in their appraisal - "Continuous Learning". What it means that each one of my team members need to pick up a new skill (learn something new) by attending courses, self-learning and then getting certified for that new skill. I am happy that they see this as important and I as a manager supports them to make sure they achieve this objective. While doing this certificate brought me great learning experience, network and credentials, I have two "targets" in sight. First is my direct reports and secondly my children. I want to show them that I walk the talk and I myself is doing what I am preaching. They know that I am taking effort to continuously learning and improving myself. This certificate is not as easy and it was very demanding especially when my travels increased in its frequency since last year. Secondly, for my kids, I want to show them that studying and learning something new does not end when you finished "formal" school. They saw me doing my assignments at night and at times with them and we all were happy that we did our "homework" together.

Now to the second question, "Why are you in Oracle for so long?". One of the primary reason, learning new things. Oracle did pay significant amount for my cert and I am grateful they did without any strings attached. That is great at the macro company level but what was better is that my VP gave me opportunity for me to put what I am learning in the modules to practice in our day-to-day running of the R&D center. This is primarily why, as part of the course application, your immediate manager will need to write and and express support. As you see, having a company that provides you opportunities to continue learning is good but when your manager allows you to apply your new knowledge to his organization, that brings the experience and appreciation higher. So why so long in Oracle ? I believe working with the people who trust and give you room to grow and willing to take chances with your potential play a crucial role in staying around and becoming an office furniture.

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