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DevOpsDay SG 2017 - What I like (and what I don't)

DevOpsDay SG came in the back of my Velocity Conference trip. It was great to see the people who are interested in DevOps and there were even people who flew in from the region. There were also no short of good speakers at the session though I hope they stayed for the full 2 days and facilitated some of the open spaces.

I particularly enjoyed David Kerr's presentation on Monolith to microservices because he had a good balance of theory and demos. He highly advocates the use of makefiles, learning bash which makes him a hardcore(old skool?) person in this modern times of computing.

I like is the "Ignites" where presenters have 5 mins for their presentation. The ignite topic by David Varvel - "Extreme Automation: Testing The Limits Of DevOps Automation." One of the best stories from the trenches on DevOps was by Andrew Shafer - Good DevOps Copy, Great DevOps Steal.

Some of the areas that I think we can improve is having more sessions that have demos, practical sessions and as one of my friend - Paul from, suggested is to get the business users involved in DevOps day and share how devops has helped them and how the business users benefited from the non-technology point of view.

Overall, the topics are less advanced than the one at Velocity and the general maturity of the crowd on devops is probably a level or two below the counterpart in the states.

I hope we continue to have this community going and eventually catch up or even surpass in our discussions and maturity on devops than the US counterparts. Looking forward for DevOpsDay SG 2018.

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