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Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Toy) ~ James Brown

So I did - Got myself what the online community suggested possibly the best value for money for an entry level 3D printer - The Ender 3 v2. It is only the second day with it but one thing I agree from the videos and tutorials I saw/read online is that it is no plug-n-play like the conventional printer. There are basic settings that you will need to be familiar to be successful even for some simple basic prints. Settings for the temperature on the nozzle, bed, etc are crucial for the initial success. Another key setting is the calibrating the gap between the bed and the nozzle, a paper thin gap is required for a good print.

It took me three tries before I got a good proper 'Hello World' print. Adventure continues and I probably sign up for a 3D Printing course on Udemy or something. Nevertheless, it excites the kids and get them to wonder about the possibilities on what they can do with it which is one of the main reason why I buy the printer.

2 failures and a SUCCESS above.

Will heed the advice of my latest print.


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