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Reflecting on My Whys 23

I was asked to share what motivates me to do what I am doing - essentially my 'Whys', to a group of volunteers and student leaders at Temasek JC as part of the Oracle Volunteers initiative. It didn't take any convincing for me to agree.

It was suggested that I shared some pictures that would depict the key moments of my journey. As I sieved through my photo gallery on my social media and phone, I was taken through a journey full of reflection. I chose a few pictures and each of them are intertwined as I piece them together and worked on my presentation narrative. As I did that, I realized that each moment built on top of another.

I have to thank my colleague for giving me this opportunity as this has provided me a chance to reflect, reminded me where I came from, acknowledged all those who had contributed to my journey and reminded me of my 'Whys'


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