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Satisfying the ‘-illities’ of an Enterprise Cloud Service.

‘Feature is DONE !’ A regular statement that is typically shared by an overjoyed engineer who is declaring the completion of a feature that he/she has implemented and has been approved by a test engineer. BUT is it ‘Done, Done ?!!’ Engineering an enterprise cloud services would require teams to satisfy the ‘ilities’ requirements. If you are wondering what they are, how engineering teams tackle them and satisfy these requirements, this session will give you an insight of the work and investment needed for a feature to be ‘Done’ in the enterprise cloud world.

This was the synopsis for my talk at the National University of Singapore - Institute of System Science (NUS-ISS) Learning Festival 2022 back in August 22.

As I am responsible for the engineering aspect of the Java Management Service on Oracle Cloud, completing a feature to be pushed to production is NOT enough.The service team is expected to ensure that we handled other aspects of the service qualities or in short 'illities'.

A quick search or look up on software qualities or 'illities' on Google or on wikipedia, you will be shown a long list of 'illities; the list is still growing. To satisfy one or more 'illities', it will result in potentially sacrificing another but the main concern usually for stakeholders is the delay of feature/product releases in order to satisfy the 'illities'. It is a delicate and fine balance that needs a clear agreement between engineering and stakeholders. It is very important for service teams to identify what are the important 'illities' for the product orr service and its corresponding priorities.

For our service, there are 7 must-have 'illities'. The service will have to implement them, provide evidences and reports that would then be reviewed and approved in order for the service to operate. In my presentation, I covered these 7 'illties' and provided a bit more details on what we are doing to ensure conformance. I am sharing my presentation in this post for those who are interested.

Download PDF • 1.89MB

Hope the slides brought some new insights and perspectives of the demands associated with developing and maintaining an enterprise cloud service.


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