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VoidDeck Football Covered In the Local News

My daughter was cutting my hair when a message came through from my friend saying, 'Hey, our interview with the journalism undergraduates is published in Today (it is a local newspaper).'

Since I am more focused not to let my daughter messed up my hair, I didn't read it till later. Firstly, I was expecting a brief mention; at most a paragraph or two but instead it was a full length article covering Voiddeck Football's Fantasy League platform for the Singapore Premier League.

It is a nice validation for the team and the early adopters who have provided us with invaluable feedback from the early conceptualization, beta users and the final launch during the Round 2 of the SPL 2020 season for the platform.

Every one played an important role from drafting out the rules, creating posters, managing the media, valuation of the players, gathering the statistics at the end of every match and most importantly FINDING THE BUGS !!

This is a hobby project and the key objective remain to further enhance the local football community and engagement. This is our way to contribute to our local football and for me personally to fused together my thirst for learning new technologies with my love for football especially our local football fraternity.


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